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Young Talent Program

Young Talent Program for hydrogen economy and the energy transition


The cornerstone of a sustainable, thriving team lies in its people. By prioritising the development of skills essential for the present and future, a team is formed that excels both in the present and for years ahead. Research indicates that pivotal factors such as coaching, professional competence training and technical skill development enhance productivity and contribute to the overall work experience of your team.

The success of a timely implementation of the energy transition requires talent. This program enables and develops this talent.

Our mission

Our mission is to encourage & empower young talent and to accelerate the energy transition

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Why Young Talent Program



The program selects highly skilled young talents.

Future leaders

Today's talent are the leaders of the future.


It gives the company flexibility in staff.

Develop talent

Training and coaching are outsourced, which gives employer time to focus on core business.

Young talent program

1. Hydrogen
2. Energy Transition 

Soft skills

Soft skills development program: Every Young Talent will be assigned to a Talent Manager/Personal Coach from the beginning. This monthly coaching aims to enhance their personal and professional skills, including Time Management, Communication, Presentation Skills and more. The coach takes charge of formulating the personal development plan for the Young Talent. Each young talent will allocate 10% of their work hours to dedicated development activities.

Hard skills

Custom hard skills development program: Part of the hard skills program focuses on hydrogen or the energy transition. The other part is tailored to the needs for the role, the company and or the industry. Our talent manager, young talent, and you will collaborate to create a development plan. This ensures clarity on tasks, expectations, and necessary arrangements for everyone involved.

Learning on the job

This may seem evident, but our role is to assist individuals in navigating and acclimating to your organization. Graduates often have much to discover about the working environment, and we are here to facilitate and guide them, ensuring they gain a comprehensive understanding of the business.

Interested and want to know more

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