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Erez Energy delivers locally produced green hydrogen to industrial offtakers as a service. Erez Energy focuses on the hard-to-abate industry. Primarily the industry outside of major industry clusters (cluster 6) or companies that are not connected to the national green hydrogen network, the back-bone.

We build and operate standardized electrolysis systems to produce green hydrogen. These systems are directly connected to the clients process or are installed nearby. Any investments required to adjust manufacturing, production or chemical processes can be financed by Erez Energy.


Erez Energy supplies green hydrogen for mobility and logistics in collaboration with oil & gas companies and industrial gas distributors. The production of green hydrogen is co-located near a solar- and/or wind park.  

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Solar & Wind

In areas of grid congestion green hydrogen production is a potential solution to realize solar and wind projects. The green hydrogen plants are co-located at these projects.

The produced hydrogen is likely to be used for mobility. In some cases it is used by local industry.

We offer competitive long-term Power Purchase Agreements. Erez Energy takes care of the development, exploitation and operation of the green hydrogen plant. Another option is that Erez Energy  becomes a co-development partner of the combined project.

Public Sector

Erez Energy consults industry clusters and the public sector about green hydrogen. For instance about the possibilities to use green hydrogen in industrial clusters or energy hubs. Another project focuses on green hydrogen as sustainable alternative for a gas turbine power plant.


What we offer

Locally produced hydrogen
Green hydrogen as a service: we offer the production and supply of green hydrogen to industrial offtakers on site. We build and operate standardized electrolysis systems. These systems are directly connected to the clients process or are installed nearby.
Erez Energy advises about the potential and applications of green hydrogen in the energy transition.
Quick Scans
A Quick Scan assesses the possibilities of locally produced green hydrogen and its price roughly. It includes an energy analysis, an indication of the green electricity supply, options in case of net congestion, the requirements of the offtakers and determines power purchase conditions. The Quick Scan also provides insight into the next steps, safety, permits, subsidies and water supply.
Feasibility Studies
A feasibility study determines whether green hydrogen supply and production is possible on your location. In this study all parameters are verified to determine the feasibility of the project. This results in a green hydrogen price. It covers all aspects; an energy analysis, net congestion solutions, the green electricity supply, the requirements of the offtakers and a draft design of the hydrogen plant. It also provides insight into the next steps, safety, permits, subsidies and water supply.
Industrial Pilots
We offer industrial pilots together with our specialized industry partners. The pilots test the possible effect of mixing natural gas with green hydrogen on product quality and equipment on site.
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Our role

Project developer
Green hydrogen producer
Asset owner
Co-development partner
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Our concept

The energy transition requires an enormous change in operations, production and processes. Therefore it is our conviction that the industry should start with small steps in order to gain experience and adapt to the new energy situation. 

Our systems for industrial offtakers mix green hydrogen with natural gas or gray hydrogen in 1-20V%. The hydrogen output dimensions of our co-located systems for mobility depend on the available solar and wind energy.  

Our principles



Our processes, designs and green hydrogen plants are standardized by type of offtaker. This results in an efficient green hydrogen price.


The majority of the green hydrogen plants are a turn-key, plug and play solution in 40ft or bigger container. These designs are modular and are ready for future growth.


The green hydrogen plant is directly connected to wind/solar energy and/or grid connected with PPA's of wind/solar energy.


With operational excellence as standard, the output guarantees availability. Industrial processes continue on sustainable energy.