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Green hydrogen production

Erez Energy is developer and producer of green hydrogen as a service for the industry and the heavy mobility. We develop, build and operate modular and standardized green hydrogen electrolysis systems. Our green hydrogen plants are directly connected to the customer’s process or co-located at a solar and/or wind park. 

Why locally produced green hydrogen?



Green hydrogen is one of the carbon free replacements of gray hydrogen, natural gas and other fossil fuels for the industry and heavy mobility.


Large volumes of green hydrogen are not available everywhere before 2030 and it is uncertain when it will be.


The national distribution network for green hydrogen will not cover all locations and new connections are capital intensive.

Risk mitigation

Transitioning an industry to hydrogen necessitates adjustments in safety protocols, equipment, and processes. Implementing hydrogen usage as an initial step helps mitigate the potential for unforeseen costs in the future.

Focus areas

With our team of specialists and partners we offer consultancy

What we offer

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